Why is "Insurance" an important investment for us?

In today's generation, we are always inquisitive to know everything and keep ourselves updated with new trends, technologies and lifestyle. We are hooked up in social media almost 24*7 to post latest updates, share our emotions/joys to stay in touch with our closed ones and friends. We also maintain a planner for our office meetings, monthly household expenses, bank deposits/debits, family vacation budgets, fixed deposits savings, etc...

Inspite of being social, trendy and technologically upgraded, still there is no space for any sort of logical investment in our life. We tend to concentrate on positive notion and only accumulate our savings in FD or bank account and be happy by socializing with friends/families considering the present situation however we ignore the reality that some amount of our savings should always be planned for a secured future in form of an important investment named "INSURANCE".

As an individual when we are young, we keep delaying any important decision in our life and presume that as youngster we still have time to plan for any investment in our life, especially if it is Insurance than we are quite sure that we would not require Insurance of any sort in our life as we are still young and our parents/elders would take care of any sudden unplanned expenses.

When we get married and settle in our life, we concentrate more on savings and plan our expenditure for travelling out with our family keeping aside the importance of planning for Insurance. When we have kids, we are concerned about the savings to be planned for our child's education and fulfill their demands even-though we would end up spending more on luxurious/un-wanted stuff again ignoring the future of our family.

It is good to accept the present circumstances in our life and spend as per our planner but it is equally important to think about the future and plan for "INSURANCE" to secure ourselves and our family.

We would never know when an unforeseen calamity strikes in our life, it could be in any form, may be a fire in house, vehicle met with any road accident, sudden critical illness occurred at early stage in life impairment of body part in any accident or loss of life due to any untoward incident in our life and at that one moment there is a huge emotional loss which cannot be compensated with any savings/investment amount however there is a simultaneous financial loss which has occurred due to these scenarios and this financial loss definitely needs to be compensated in form of INSURANCE to sustain our current livelihood and support future expenses of our family.

Insurance in any form, whether it is "Fire Insurance", "Motor Insurance", "Health Insurance", "Personal Accident Insurance" or "Life Insurance" is equally important and all these insurance types definitely needs to be part of our investment strategy, as being insured in all forms means keeping our family secured.

It is rightly said that "Plan today to have a better future tomorrow", so plan for your Insurance today so that you can ensure a happy secured future for your family ahead.

Best of Luck on your purchase of Insurance Policy!