Ways to enrich your traveling and trip experience

‘Wanderlust.!’ The word seems so perfect for the people with strong desire to travel. The purpose of travel can be different like it can be a trek, nature trail, business trip, studying abroad or a family vacation. When we explore new places, we always forget to take care of ourselves. Sometimes travelling is stressful. Being fit during the travel is as important as selecting the place to travel. Here are few tips to stay healthy and enjoy the trip

Stay Clean and hydrated

  • Use wet wipes or hand sanitizers before eating anything. Wash your hands frequently, its easiest way to avoid picking germs and bacteria. Drink lot of water during the travel. Stay hydrated with right type of drink

Sleep as much as you can

  • Our body needs rest when we are travelling. Taking a power nap after certain intervals could keep the energy constant and mind fresh. Sleep for few hours so that body can rest before the next one.

Exercise, At least a small walk

  • Search a hotel with a fitness center or you can always do simple exercises like jumping jacks, squats, yoga poses at your room. Exercise gives refreshment. How about walking to the nearest place. Walking is also considered as a simple and easiest exercise.

Take care of your Skin and Hair

  • Use a good sunscreen lotion with minimum SPF 15. Don’t forget to carry insect repellent. Follow good hair care routine. Using a scarf or cap can protect hairs from the pollution.

Pace Yourself

  • Be active and explore the place, but don’t overdo it. Take few breaks in between. Don’t try to just ‘been there’, try to explore and live the place.

Eat the right thing

  • Don’t forget the first meal of the day, i.e Breakfast. It gives energy to start the day. Take vitamins to have a balance diet. Fruit is one of the healthy snacks, eat plenty of fruits. Add some salad and veggies to have proper healthy diet.

Invest in a Travel insurance plan

  • Travel Insurance is an Insurance policy which covers the risks while you travel the world. Travel Insurance assures that you create great experiences without having to compromise on them due to unwanted scenarios.

We all deserve a break through the daily hustle. Travel reduces the stress and makes the mind fresh. The world has so many places to explore. Enjoy your travel and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Self-care is must, no matter where you go.

Best of Luck on your purchase of Travel Insurance Policy!